Swiss Watches

Apart from its natural beauty like the Alps, and mouth watering chocolates, Switzerland is famous throughout the world for their watches too. These watches, which include world renowned brands such as:

- Swatch

- TAG Heuer

- Omega

- Cartier

- Rolex (this brand is the undisputed champion of watches)

The precision of their watches are such that they are used wherever time is important and where a difference of a second can make all the difference between success and failure. It is a well known fact that astronauts depended on timepieces manufactured in Switzerland when they undertook the journey in which culminated with Neil Armstrong landing on the moon. The master craftsmen of Switzerland have embraced technology too, as they have incorporated digital technology in their latest models.

Purchasing Swiss made watches

Either you can bring home Swiss watches from abroad the next time you visit Singapore or the United Arab Emirates, as the prices of those watches are much lower in those countries as they do not impose custom duty, or you can purchase it from online stores.

More information on custom duty

You need to be extremely careful when purchasing watches manufactured in Switzerland from online portals, as many of them promote and sell fake watches. Several factories round the world specialize in manufacturing fake Swiss timepieces. The quality of the finished product resembles the original one so impeccably that it is tough for even experienced watch collectors to find out that it is a fake. Only a thorough inspection of the parts inside the watches helps to determine the authenticity of those watches. Therefore, you should only purchase your requirements from authentic and reputable online shops that sell Swiss watches.

Extremely costly

Do not be surprised if you find that the prices of Swiss watches are extremely high. However, this cost is due to the quality parts used in manufacturing such watches. Most of these timepieces contain glass covering made from special grade crystal, which is scratch resistant, and the body crafted from high grade metal. The popularity of these watches is such that the organizers of world famous sporting events such as the Olympics depend on those watches for keeping track of time of different field events such as sprinting, running, etc. More often than not, you will find them at other popular worldwide sporting events such as the Commonwealth Games, Winter Olympics, and much more.

How would a supplier get Swiss watches into the UK to sell them?

They can get them by purchasing it from the manufacturers, importing them to the United Kingdom, pay the custom duty due, and then selling it to retailers.

More information on custom duty

What are the benefits of Swiss watches?

You have a wide range of watches made in Switzerland to choose from. Available for both gents and ladies in different models and carrying different price tags, they are the best timepieces that your money can buy.

Why do people want a Swiss watch?

They want them, as they are a social status as well. You will find famous actors and personalities invariably wearing Swiss watches.